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Quick video of our mini-pod booth and iPad share station.

GIF Movies & Classic combo

Create some buzz with your next photo booth rental by using the GIF movie feature. Your multi-shot photo session is combined to make a short GIF movie clip. The GIF can be emailed or texted instantly. Guests can also choose their still pictures for print, email, or text.Physical props are also included with this booth type. A traditional enclosed or open-air booth is offered with this package.

classic booth

A traditional enclosed or open-air booth is offered with this package. You can choose from a standard 2x6 film strip or a custom 4x6 photo layout. Guests can email, text, or print their picture instantly. Looking for Instagram style photo filters? Six photo filters are available to choose from to give your picture a little extra touch. Physical props are included at no extra charge.

Booth types

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"The next generation of photo booths are here"

Each photo booth has a touchscreen tv for easy navigation through the photo booth process. Photos can be emailed, text, printed, and uploaded to social media sites Facebook and Twitter. A standard 2x6 photo booth strip or a 4x6 custom photo layout is available. Custom graphics or wording about the event can be added to each picture automatically. Are you looking to add a photo filter effect? Guests can choose from 6 Instagram style photo filters to apply to their picture. Photos are taken with a high quality DSLR camera and flash.Scrapbooks are a great addition to your photo collection, digitally printed or glued photo scrapbooks are offered.

#hashtag print station

Have a #hashtag print station located onsite at your next event. Instagram and Twitter photos can be pulled from a designated #hashtag created for your event. The pictures can be printed, emailed, or texted instantly at the station. Photo slideshows/walls can also be displayed with or without custom advertising.

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Sketching & Virtual props

Pick from over 75 virtual props and write on every picture with your fingers using a touchscreen tv. Virtual props range from glasses, hats, mustaches, and custom designs. Instagram style photo filters are available to add a custom look to each picture. Physical props are also included with this booth type.A traditional enclosed or open-air booth is offered with this package.

selfie booth

Look at yourself as if you're looking in a mirror before the photo is taken. This feature is available with the classic, gif movie, and sketching packages.

Roaming photographer & photo kiosk

This feature can be used for a multitude of events such as golf tournaments, conventions, school dances, team photos, and corporate events. After the photo is taken, guests can instantly retrieve their photo at the kiosk via print, email, and text. Custom graphics and text can be applied to each photo. Looking to add some photo effects? Guests can add Instagram style photo filters to their own picture.