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​ We've compiled the most frequently asked questions here.

  • Can you describe your photo booth? This photo booth is nothing like a traditional photo booth you have seen at a wedding or other event. The booth features email, text, and social media uploads. Instagram style photo filters, GIF movie clips, and so much more.
  • What do your photo prints look like? Our pictures are taken with a high quality DSLR camera and printed with an industry standard dye-sub printer.
  • .Do you offer multi-shot pictures like traditional photo booths? Yes, we offer various layouts for your pictures. The traditional 3 or 4 pictures on a strip are offered as well as a custom photo layout on a 4x6 sheet.
  • What is green screen? Guests take a picture in front of the green screen and then we can replace the green color with one of chosen backgrounds.
  • Is your photo booth enclosed? We offer an enclosed or open-air photo booth. The backdrop can range from 4'-10' in width. The 10' width allows large groups to take pictures. (Some backgrounds in stock are only 7' 7" in width)
  • Do you supply real props? Yes, we supply real props such as character glasses, nose hangers, and two-sided signs at no extra charge.
  • Can I get a digital copy of the pictures? Yes, we send them via Dropbox.
  • If my pictures go online, can I make them private? Yes, photo albums can be locked with a password of your choice.
  • How much does the photo booth cost? All of our prices are listed on the website and there are no hidden charges.
  • What are virtual props? These props are built into the photo booth options. You can drag and drop hats, mustaches, glasses,
  • Do you have Facebook? Yes, like our page at
  • What are the GIF movies I see on the website? The GIF movies are a combination of the multi-shot photos taken at the photo booth. The multi-shot pictures are combined to make a short GIF clip.
  • How do I get the GIF clips? The GIF movie clips are available instantly when shared via email or social media.
  • If I get the GIF clip package, can my guests still get their regular photo? Yes, both the GIF and regular photo are available to the guests if requested.