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Pick from over 75 virtual props and begin sketching with your fingers using a touchscreen tv. Virtual props range from glasses, hats, mustaches, and custom designs. Custom props can be made for corporate events and other events. Instagram style photo filters are available to add a custom look to each picture. 

  • Printed pictures (5 print limit per group)
  • Physical props such as character glasses, nose hangers, and two-sided signs
  • Copy of pictures via Dropbox
  • Attendant working the photo booth
  • Complete set up and breakdown​
  • Done on our ElitePod
  • Words/logo printed on every picture
  • Social Media uploads Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)​
  • Email or text each photo
  • 75 virtual props such as hats, glasses, hair, drinks, and more
  • DSLR camera with flash
  • On-line gallery
  • Backdrop from 4'-10' wide
  • Photo layout can only be one shot